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British girl who was raped in Pie tells her side of the story

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British girl who was raped in Pie tells her side of the story | Samui Times
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A British girl who was raped in Pie has told her side of the story to the CityNews.

The perpetrator of the crime initially claimed that the sexual contact between him and the victim was consensual after a positive DNA match. The Deputy Commissioner General said, after he had read the police report and the statement made by the perpetrator, that the incident had occurred as the result of bars closing after hours, something he believes encourages people to think tourists are senseless. At this point the British victim, who wishes to remain anonymous contacted City News to give her side of the story. She told them that she was visiting Pie along with ten friends to enjoy a festival on the 25th of October. After a few drinks everybody went their own way. At around 2am she had lost track of all of her companions and found herself standing by the Don’t Cry Bar and decided to try to make her way home.

With no public transport in Pie it is not unusual for visitors in the area to get a lift home from locals, after asking many passersby how to get to her guest house, that was some way out of town, she accepted a ride with a Thai construction worker from Sankampaeng. She said that after they passed her guesthouse she asked him to turn back but he started to drive faster and faster in the opposite direction and she became aware that she was in trouble. Eventually he came to a stop on a dirt road in an area that was jungle, she said she could hear a waterfall nearby. It was then he pushed her and raped her. She said the man spoke to her in Thai during the ordeal, but she understood little of what he said. The man used his own strength to carry out the attack and did not have a weapon. The police questioned the victim as to why she had not scratched the man, but she pointed out to them that she bites her nails.

The victim went on to tell the reporters that she was very scared after the attack, as she has seen many documentaries and accounts of rape. However the man simply lay on top of her and started to cry and tell the girl how much he loved her and how much he wanted to marry her, he took a ring from her finger and put it on his hand. The victim said that she knew at this point her only way to safety was to appease him. Reports in the news suggested that she had told the man she loved him and that she had kissed him, this outraged the victim who said that as a lesbian she is not interested in men and that she was fighting him the entire time, it was only afterwards when he showed remorse she changed her tact, a move that worked when he put her back on his bike and took her home. The victim claims the man was very obviously intoxicated.

After faking an asthma attack at a guesthouse known to the girl to have CCTV she memories is bike number plate before banging on the guesthouse door. However with the man still in the vicinity nobody opened the door and she was advised to call the police. Eventually a Canadian couple took the girl to the local hospital. On her arrival she discovered the hospital had no doctors shift, an emergency doctor was called who told her to go back to her guesthouse and sleep. Although she was aware having a shower could remove vital evidence the girl felt she had to have a shower. The police arrived at 2pm the following day and took her back to the hospital where she was charged 3,700 baht for a rape test. Later after several phone calls the police agreed to cover the cost. She was further humiliated when, after a test, she was informed in the waiting room she was not HIV positive. She was then given a large amount of drugs to protect her from any sexually transmitted diseases. She was however not given any advice about possible side effects.

Thanks to having the license plate number and a positive DNA match an arrest warrant was issued last Friday after she identified the man in a lineup. The embassy who flew up to see her ‘have been great’ she said, however she was shocked to find there was no counseling offered by the police and overall communication has been really bad. The young lady finished by saying that she had decided to contact the press to warn others of the incident and highlight systems that need to change.

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