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British man, 37, drowns at Phuket beach

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British man, 37, drowns at Phuket beach | Samui Times
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A 37-year-old British man was found floating in the sea at the southern end of Patong Beach this morning in what police have described as a drowning incident.

British man, 37, drowns at Phuket beach | News by Samui TimesAt 10am today (Apr 21), Capt Yingyong Chuaykit of the Patong Police was informed that the body of a man had been pulled from the sea at Patong Beach.

Upon arrival at Patong Beach, police were informed that at 8am the man, name withheld until his family have been informed, was walking, in what witnesses described as a drunken state, along Patong Beach and that they tried to tell him to go back to his room.

Their request were ignored and the man went alone into the sea and disappeared.

Phuket lifeguards went out to find the man but were unsuccessful.

Soon after a scuba diving team from the Kusoldham Rescue Foundation arrived and went to inspect the area where the man was last seen and after about 20 minutes of searching found the man floating about one to one-and-a-half metres below the surface.

The man was taken to shore where rescue workers attempted to save him but were unsuccessful.

Upon investigating, police found that the man had arrived in Phuket on April 15 and was set to depart on April 22.

The British Consul has been informed and the man’s body is currently being held at Patong Hospital.

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