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British man falls to his death in Pattaya – four ladyboys detained

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British man falls to his death in Pattaya – four ladyboys detained | Samui Times
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A 28 year old British man fell to his death on Tuesday night from the fourth floor of an apartment block in Pattaya. The police believe that four ladybodys may be involved in the incident. Mr. Naami Keyghobadi was found in a side alley next to a real estate office in Soi Lengki 1 off Pattaya Road, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The police spoke with a ladyboy who occupies the room he was either pushed or jumped from, the ladyboy identified as Khun Pochara, 33, was sweating profusely at the time of the interview. Three other ladybodys in the vicinity at the time all gave different versions of the event.

Khun Pochara said he was in the room when he heard arguing coming from a room on the third floor occupied by his friend, he said he went to investigate the cause of the argument and saw the British man climb the stairs to the fourth floor, he was followed by two other ladyboys who do not reside at the apartment complex. It is believed they were arguing over money for ‘services’ rendered. Pochara claimed that the British man pushed past him and ran towards a window before climbing out as if he was getting ready to jump, the ladyboys claim they tried to pull him back in but failed.
When the third floor room was checked by police one ladybody tried to escape but was quickly apprehended. Drug taking paraphernalia was found in the room along with crystal meth residue.

A post mortem examination will be performed on the man as well as toxicology tests to establish if he had been taking narcotics prior to his death. The four ladyboys are currently being detained, as yet nobody has been charged with any criminal offense in connection with the case.

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