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British man found dead in his Phuket home

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British man found dead in his Phuket home | Samui Times
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The body of a British was man found in his house in Baan Manic on the afternoon of March 9. Police have said that the man suffered heart failure.

British person found dead in Phuket ThailandAt 3:30pm, Thalang inspector, Lt Kaisorn Boonprasop was called to investigate the body of a man which had been found in a house in Soi Noptakaew4, Baan Manic, Srisoonthon.

Police and Kusoldharm and Srisoonthon rescue workers arrived at the two storey house and were led to the second floor where the body of the man was found lying on a sofa with a remote control still in his hand.

Police found no sign of foul play and said the victim had been dead for at least 10 hours.

The victim’s friend, Lee Hunt, told police that the deceased, Dennis Arthur, 59, came to Thailand over a year ago and had a business building and selling condominiums. He also had a number of rooms for rent around the island.

Dennis lived in Phuket with his wife and stepson, both British nationals, but he had been here alone since March 7 after they had returned to the UK for a holiday.

Mr Arthur̕s wife had called Mr Hunt yesterday morning as she could not get a hold of her husband and had asked Mr Hunt to go and check on him for her.

Mr Hunt said that he worked in Patong and attempted to call Mr Arthur several times but received no answer. Mr Hunt left Patong at 2pm to go to Mr Arthur̕s house and found him dead on the sofa.

Police questioned the maid of the house, Poon from Cambodia, who said that she saw that the door upstairs was closed and the air conditioning was on so she assumed Mr Arthur was sleeping.

She went on to say that Mr Arthur had once told her not to clean the second floor of the house without his permission, so she had only cleaned the first floor that day.

After speaking to Mr Arthur̕s friends and neighbours police theorised that the victim

had suffered from heart failure as he had a history of high blood pressure.

Police took the body to Thalang Hospital for an autopsy.

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