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Brit mum appeals for help finding son, absconded from Bahrain

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Brit mum appeals for help finding son, absconded from Bahrain | Samui Times
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A worried mother is calling for any information that may connect her with her 21-year-old son, who she has not heard from since before he boarded a flight from Bahrain and arrived in Phuket on May 26.

British Mum looks for son“He left here under very odd circumstances and very much out of character. He has been a ‘model’ son for 21 years and is in his last year of study to be a licensed aircraft engineer, and he lives at home with us,” said mother Nina Lauri in an email to The Phuket News.

“He left without notifying anyone. He has deleted his Facebook account, destroyed his phone chip and left his house keys under the front doormat. He also left a very disturbing note,” she said.

Oscar Lauri-Webb is travelling on a British passport and arrived in Phuket from Bangkok at about 9:20pm on May 26 on Bangkok Airways Flight PG279, Ms Lauri said.

“I have contacts at our airport, immigration and Thai immigration and we managed to find out that he left the country and then we tracked his airline ticket,” she added.

Ms Lauri explained that Oscar visited Thailand in 2013, when he attended a Muay Thai camp in Phuket for two weeks with his instructor and four other boys from Bahrain. She suspects he has returned for this.

Ms Lauri’s hunch was right. Tiger Muay Thai (TMT) in Chalong this week confirmed that Oscar trained one-on-one at the camp five times since May 26, most recently on June 2.

“This is all that we were able to track. There is no registration required from customers to take private session at our camp. Therefore,we have no insights of his current whereabouts,” wrote TMT General Manager Jolen Sheldon.

“We hope that he will reach out to you soon. Please contact me directly if we can be of any further assistance,” she added.

“Since then I have had no word, and now I am really worried. I have posted in some Facebook pages in Phuket searching for him, but no news,” wrote Oscar’s mother.

“We are very worried as we suspect that he left Bahrain being in a depressed state of mind and without notifying anyone. He is my son. I desperately want to find him,” she said.

Oscar is approximately 172cm tall, weighs 64 kg, has blue eyes, dark brown hair and light skin. He has a prominent tattoo on the lower right abdomen in form of a irregular web. He may or may not have kept a short dark beard.

Any persons with information that may assist Ms Lauri in contacting her son are urged to email her at


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