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British musician dies in a bike crash in Thailand

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British musician dies in a bike crash in Thailand | Samui Times
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27 year old Ross Mackay was driving in Pattaya on July 21st when it is believed he suffered a seizure that caused him to crash his motorbike into a truck. The man had been living in Pattaya for the last three years with his father. His ross mackaymother Lyn Mackay, a musician, actress and write of the musical Swansea Girls said that Ross had planned to return home before the incident occurred.

Lyn was informed of her son’s death by phone, she was working as a singer / pianist on board a cruise ship in the Mediterranean at the time. She said that although Ross had not been formally diagnosed with epilepsy, he had one or two seizures a year on average. Ross worked in a call centre in the city during the day and in bars and clubs at night where he was developing his musical career. His mother had high hopes that he would one day follow in her footsteps and become a professional musician.

Lyn Mackay told WalesOnline “our hearts are in a million pieces and if we put them back together again there’s always going to be this piece missing. It has devastated us”.

A funeral is being arranged for Ross in Swansea, with friends and relatives expected to arrive from all over the world.


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