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British police arrive in Thailand and parents of the accused arrive at Koh Samui Prison

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British police arrive in Thailand and parents of the accused arrive at Koh Samui Prison | Samui Times

Spokesman for the National Police Pol Lt. General Pravut Thawornsiri says that on their arrival in Thailand initially the British police conferred with officials from their embassy in Bangkok but later they will meet with the Thai team to learn more details and follow up the progress that parents arrive at the jailthe Thai police have made so far. He went on to say that the inquiry into the deaths of the two British backpackers met international standards and was unequivocally fair.

The British police have come to Thailand after the Thai police were criticized for rushing to solve the case and suggestions were made that the two suspects, currently being detained in Koh Samui Provincial Prison are scapegoats. The two men have retracted the confessions they made earlier this month claiming they were physically assaulted by the police and an interpreter during the police investigation. They also say the interpreter was not of the same dialect and they were unable to adequately communicate with him.

Today the parents of the two men who stand accused of the murders of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller arrived at the jail in Koh Samui to see their sons for the first time since their arrests. Win Zaw Htun’s father has said that he does not believe that his son could have committed such a crime, not only because of his good character and morals but because he does not believe a boy of his size could have overcome David Miller who was far larger in stature.

media storm at samui jailDespite the Royal Thai police publicly reassuring the nation, and the international media that there was no physical abuse during the investigation into the murders, that they investigation has been fair and is correct and that the DNA samples match those of the accused and that the case will proceed on the evidence they have gathered rather than a guilty or not guilty plea by Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun, speculation by the local and international public continues, social media sites related to the case continue to gather momentum and Thailand remains under the spotlight with eyes from every corner of the globe eager to see what happens next. Public support for the accused from those who are not convinced of their guilt is growing and the Migrant Workers Rights Network have now set up a >You Caring account where members of the public can make donations towards the accused cost of living in jail as well as the travel costs of the pro bono lawyers who are defending them in this case. There is no doubt that this case as gained massive international interest and could be one of the most published murder investigations the country has ever seen.

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