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British vet rescues cobra on Koh Samui

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British vet rescues cobra on Koh Samui | Samui Times
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When you encounter a snake on Koh Samui, who you gonna call?
The answer is Phillip Brook, 43, the only British vet who runs the Samui Snake Rescue Center on the tiny tourist-destination island.
Tuesday evening, Brook was called to capture a four-meter-long king cobra from a public toilet room at the Khao Yai Waterfall in Tambon Namuang.
Initially, Thanonsak Jantharumporn, a rescue volunteer of Kusol Songkroah Foundation on the island was called by local residents at 6 pm that a king cobra was spotted in the toilet room.
Thanongsak and team rushed to the team only to be terrified by the large snake so the rescuers called for Brook’s help.
Snake catcher SamuiBrook rushed to the scene and found the snake curling in the toilet room. He walked unequipped to grab the snake by its neck and took it out amid cheers by local villagers and tourists.
A reporter of Khao Sod interviewed Brook and learned that the Briton has been living on Koh Samui for 15 years.
He said he worked as a vet in England and he loves snakes and is specialized in caring all kinds of snakes.
When he came to live on Koh Samui, he helped take care of ill animals and local people often called him to capture snakes that entered their houses.
Brook said he always rehabilitated the snakes before he released them into the wild.
He said he has opened the Samui Snake Rescue Center as a non-profit organization.
He has just captured a 4-meter-long python Tuesday morning before he was called to capture the king cobra in the evening. Both of them will be rehabilitated and released.
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