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British visitor to Koh Samui contracts rare illness and needs help to get home

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British visitor to Koh Samui contracts rare illness and needs help to get home | Samui Times
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Whilst on holiday in Thailand Craig Lindley came down with some kind of illness. Craig, who is 35 and from Hoyle Mill Barnsley was celebrating his friends wedding in Koh Samui. When he woke up New Year’s Day unable to move his legs and function properly. He was admitted to hospital and at first the doctors were unable to diagnose his illness. On Jan 2nd he was transferred from Koh Samui to Surat Thani to have an MRI scan. When the MRI scan was carried out the doctors were still unsure what was causing the illness but suggested it was some Please help Craigtype of brain stem issue. Money was then raised to transfer Craig to Bangkok. Due too his insurance being invalid Craig and his family and friends now need urgent help with funds. A medical bill of £3000 english pounds has already been paid to pay for treatment so far but more bills are to be expected.

A Facebook page has been set up for Craig for donations and updates on his condition. Yesterday it was updated with this information

From Karl Lindley and David Brook
More tests today including a nerve conduction studies and electromyography (EMG) and another MRI scan of spine (4 hours under general anesthetic)
Tue 6 Jan, Drs doing lumber puncture to formally diagnose GBS. Once done, doctors will administer the IV hemogoblin treatment.
Craig currently has no movement in either legs, no sensation in either feet, cant move his right arm, and no sensation in his right hand. His left arm has very little movement and he is not able to move his fingers. He is still on a ventilator.
Medical advice has been sought from Drs in the UK and Australia. They have advised staff in Thailand are the best in world to be treating this condition and he is in the best place at the moment for treatment.
We’ve already paid £17,700 for treatment so far. Treatment Tues 6 Jan, will cost approx £20,000 and is for only one dose administered by IV over 5-7days.
Due to the severity of Craig’s condition, Doctors have said its possible he might need 2nd and 3rd doses of treatment, each approx £20,000 plus £1000 per night in hospital.
We are hoping after the first treatment, we will see improvements so he his stable enough to fly home. However, we have to be prepared for Craig needing 2nd and 3rd doses, and for funds to be raised to cover the costs.
We cant stress enough how serious this is, it couldn’t really get any worse. Please dig deep to help Craig.

And today –

This morning Craig had a lumber puncture which confirmed it was GBS. Drs then started Craig on IV immunoglobulin treatment at 12noon (constant treatment for 5 days) along with a mild sedative to keep him comfortable during treatment. He also underwent nerve stimulation treatment on his legs. We are hoping that Craig start to shows small signs of improvement during this treatment, however it is very possible he may need a second or third doses. Once Craig is in a more stable condition, he may be able to travel home, but this wont be on a regular flight. He will require a medical chaperone to ensure he remains stable with any required medical equipment. We are currently exploring options of how we could fly Craig home, on medically assisted flights. However this is all dependant on how he reacts to this treatment. Again, we cant stress enough how serious this situation is at the moment. We are overwhelmed by the support that we have received over the last few days, it is truly remarkable. However, we are still a way off of being able to cover the impending costs and your kind donations are key to getting Craig home. Thank you so much.

A huge fund raising effort is now underway with radio station in the UK getting word out of his plight.

If you can help in any way please visit the Facebook page that has been created for Craig by clicking here or donate by clicking here, you can also help by sharing these pages on social media and twitter.



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