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A British woman found her biological Thai mother after being separated for almost 54 years

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A British woman found her biological Thai mother after being separated for almost 54 years | Samui Times
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A British woman has finally found her biological mother after being separated for almost 54 years. She revealed that she had known that her mother was a Thai for around 30 years, but she didn’t know how to find her until she came to Thailand for the first time in the last September and asked a hotel staff in Koh Pha Ngan for information to find her mother.

reunited 3When the English woman went back to her country, the hotel staff helped and organized the information she needed, prompting her to return to Thailand. She found her biological mother with help from the hotel staff and the village headman in Pang Nga.

At 10.00 on November 21, Mr. Churtchai Patthamayutanon, the village headman of Village No. 5, Bangmuang sub-district, Takua Pa district, Pang Nga provice and Mr. Wai Nuisanga took Mrs. Kimbeeley Ferreivg, the British woman who came with her husband Mr. Carlos Alberto Ferreivg, to 79 years-old Mrs. Yoklearn Jankeaw at a street restaurant in Soi 2, Rasada sub-district, Mueang Phuket district, Phuket provice after finding out that Mrs. Yoklearn is Mrs. Kimbeeley Ferreivg’s biological mother. When Mrs. Yoklearn and Mrs. Kimbeeley Ferreivg met, they looked at each other in astonishment, and the moment they hugged each other neither of them could hold back their tears.

During the time they talked, there were plenty of hugs and a lot of eye contact. Mrs. Kimbeeley Ferreivg showed Mrs. Yoklearn her birth certificate which stated that Tookata Jankeaw (Mrs. Kimbeeley Ferreivg’s Thai name) was born in 1960, November 13 at Takua Pa Health Station in Pang Nga.

reunited 2Mrs. Yoklearn told Mrs. Kimbeeley Ferreivg the reason for the separation. Back then, Mrs. Yoklearn worked as a house maid for an Australian mining dredge’s manager who was Mrs. Kimbeeley Ferreivg’s biological father, but the problem was that he already had a wife. After that, Madam Kim, a wife of the mining dredge’s engineer asked to adopt 6 months-old Kimbeeley Ferreivg. Mrs. Yoklearn was very poor then, so she thought that her daughter would be better off with Madam Kim and her husband who promised to raise Mrs. Kimbeeley Ferreivg like their own child. After Mrs. Yoklearn gave her daughter to the couple, they moved out of the country. To Mrs. Yoklearn’s knowledge, they moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to continue their work, and she didn’t know how to contact them.

Mrs. Yoklearn added that on November 20, she received a call from someone telling her daughter was coming to see her which she thought was a prank at first since she never told anyone except her oldest son that she had a daughter, but when she was asked if she had a daughter named reunitedTookata, she knew it was true. She was so happy to see her daughter after 54 years that she couldn’t stop wondering what her daughter would look like. Mrs. Kimbeeley Ferreivg also said that she had known that her biological mother was a Thai for around 30 years from the evidence given by the mother who raised her before she passed away. She always wanted to find her biological mother, but she didn’t know where to start until she had a chance to visit Thailand for the first time in the last September. She intended to find her mother, but she misunderstood that thinking that Pha Ngan and Phang Nga were the same place, so when she asked a hotel staff at Santhiya Koh Pha Ngan Resort & Spa, she was disappointed that she came to the wrong place and her hopes of seeing her mother faded.

Luckily, the hotel staff, Ms. Kingkaew Upakdee decided to help Mrs. Kimbeeley Ferreivg after discovering that she came to look for her mother by finding out the information for her at the district office and other related offices. Even after Mrs. Kimbeeley Ferreivg went back to her country, Ms. Kingkaew Upakdee still contacted her updating the information she could find. Mrs. Kimbeeley Ferreivg decided to visitThailand again and went to Pang Nga. With help from Mrs. Kimbeeley Ferreivg and the village headman, she finally found her mother.

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