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Briton accused of murder in Thailand walks free

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Briton accused of murder in Thailand walks free | Samui Times
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James Durnan, 34, the man accused of killing Darren Taylor in Bangkok on June 2013 has walked free leaving the deceased family devastated.

Victim Darren

Victim Darren

Darren Taylor,34, from Liverpool lost his life in Thailand after being pushed off a balcony. The man accused of pushing him off that balcony left a Thai court with a two month suspended sentence and a 1,500 baht fine for assaulting Darren’s pregnant girlfriend. Being found not guilty of the murder it is thought that James Anthony Durnan, 23 will return to his home town of Garston in the UK.

Darren’s father Gary has been fighting for justice for his son said he could not believe the outcome and expected that James would go to jail. “That’s it now, it’s over” he said, “there is nothing we can do”.

Since Darren’s death his girlfriend Chantima Yuttaison has given birth to his son who has been named Anfield.

The incident that caused his death took place in an apartment on the sixth floor of the Maiteejit Apartment where Mr. Taylor lived at around 5-20am. Durnan was found at the scene by officers who noticed he had a cut on his arm, an injury they believe was caused when he tried to flee from the area.

Mr. Taylor, who had been living in Thailand for three years, had alcohol and tobacco in his system but no evidence of drugs. His parents had to borrow ten thousand pounds to have his body flown back to the UK.

Just after his death Darren’s father expressed his concerns that he would never have the chance to meet his then unborn grandchild and said that he hoped that if found guilty James would serve his sentence in Thailand rather than the UK as the jails in Thailand are far harsher than those in the UK. That wish has now vanished.

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