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Briton died in Thailand after downing buckets of Vodka and Red Bull says inquest

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Briton died in Thailand after downing buckets of Vodka and Red Bull says inquest | Samui Times
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An inquest has revealed that a British man who died in Thailand was four times over the drink drive limit at the time of his death. Peter Nicholson, 29, an Engineer from the UK had downed over twenty bottles of beer as well as shots of Sambuca and Jack Daniels in a thirty six hour binge on his trip to Thailand. According to the inquest the ‘red bull’ energy drink masked the effect of his alcohol intake fooling him into believing he was not that drunk. The father of on was found dead in his hotel room by his friends. The father from Wigan in Greater Manchester was a regular visitor to Thailand where he had a network of friends. On May 31st last year he booked a last minute trip, having only been in the country a week earlier. The inquest heard that he had his first pint in the departure lounge at Manchester Airport as he waited to board his flight to Qatar. During the flight he was drinking cans of larger and Jack Daniels and Coke. When he arrived in Bangkok after catching a connecting flight he spent the evening drinking with friends. A friend said that during the second leg of the journey Peter slept and drank water when he got up, however they had six bottles of larger before having an ice tea before their night out. During the evening Mr Nicholson drank over twenty more bottles of larger as well as shots of Sambuca. He went to his hotel room at around 1am where he was heard laughing and joking as well as ordering food. He was found dead at around 9am the following day. Tests showed that he had 452mg of alcohol per 100ml of urine. Deaths from alcohol toxicity are expected when levels exceed 350mg. A conclusion of accidental death was reported.

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