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Briton on holiday in Thailand catches 10 stone carp using a piece of bread

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Briton on holiday in Thailand catches 10 stone carp using a piece of bread | Samui Times
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After battling for almost an hour with his hands gripped to his rod and adrenaline pumping through his body, a British tourist has caught the world’s biggest Siamese carp – weighing the same as a person.

ten stone carpAndy Harman, from Reigate, Surrey, finally reeled in the whopping 10st 6lbs fish while on holiday in Thailand – after he had it on the line for an exhausting 50 minutes.

The keen angler, who was holidaying at the idyllic three-acre Palm Tree Lagoon fishing resort in Ratchaburi, used the simple bait of bread to lure the mammoth fish in – followed by a huge amount of patience and muscle work.
At 150lbs, the monster weighed in at 16lbs heavier than the previous record , which, strangely, was also caught by someone from Surrey on holiday in Thailand.

Keith Williams, of Carshalton, got the perfect 56th birthday present when he caught a 134lb carp at Gillham’s fishing resort in Krabi.
Mr Harman told ‘It was eventually netted via a rectangular arapaima cage as it was too big for a landing net.

‘It beat my previous Siamese carp best of 84lbs and although it is bigger than the current IGFA [International Game Fish Association] record I’m not going to be putting a claim in as I’m currently fishing for one believed to be even bigger at another venue that to date has not been landed before.
After posing for a few obligatory photos with his prize, Mr Harman released the giant carp safely back into the water.

Mr Harman is the former winner of prestigious angling award the Drennan Cup, and is very used to tackling monstrous – in 2012 he landed a 450lb arapaima from Bung Sam Ran Lake, also in Thailand.

A former British barbel record holder, he now lives in Australia, and travels all over Thailand in search of the world’s biggest catches.

ten stone carp 1In 2011 he succeeded in catching Thailand’s holy trinity of fish – a Siamese carp, a Mekong catfish and an arapaima – during a three-day excursion.
Siamese carp are the largest species of carp, and are only found in the Mae Klong, Mekong and Chao Phraya river basins.

They are among the largest freshwater fish in the world, and can weigh up to an enormous 660lbs, though it is believed none that large currently exist.

They make a tasty meal, which means their numbers have declined rapidly.

Because they are so popular for both food and fishing, they have been deliberately stocked in lakes for centuries, and are farmed all over Asia.

The European world record carp weighed in at 101lb 4oz, and was reeled in in Hungary in 2012 by Austrian angler Roman Hanke. In Europe only common carp and mirror carp are counted as world record fish.


  • World record: 101lbs 4oz, caught by Roman Hanke in 2012 in Hungary
  • England: 67lbs 140z, caught by Ozz Holness in 2008
  • Germany: 91lbs 4oz, caught by Mario Winnekes in 2012
  • Italy: 76lbs, caught by Massimo Mantovani in 2006
  • Romania: 82lbs 3oz, caught by Christian Baldemair in 1998

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