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According to the British Foreign and Commonwealth office the figures for Britons needing consular assistance over the last five years has remained pretty consistent, although the figures on the reasons for needing assistance has changed.

In 2008/9 19,387 Britons asked for assistance, of those 991 were drug arrests, 6,919 were arrests (including drugs), 5,629 were deaths, 3,146 were hospitalizations, 116 rapes, 154 sexual assaults, 3,423 needed help for other reasons and there were 29,774 cases of lost or stolen passports and travel documents.

In 2012/2013 19,244 Britons required assistance, drug arrests went down to 653, arrests including drug arrests went down to 5,435, deaths rose to 6,193, hospitalizations rose to 3599, rape figures rose to 138, sexual assaults rose to 172, 3,707 required other assistance and lost or stolen passports and travel documents dropped to 28,783 .

The top ten countries where Britons need help in 2012 – 2013 were Spain (13,653,846 visitors), USA ( 3,800,000 visitors), France (17,100,000 visitors) Thailand (870,164), Greece, (1,920,797), Germany (2,162,489), Cyprus (1,069,190), United Arab Emirates (1,000,000), Portugal (1,900,000) and Australia (592,4900).

Taking a closer look at the top five, Spain has 795,784 registered British residents, the USA has 829,000, France has 400,000, Thailand 50,000 and Greece 35,000. In 1012 – 2013 the USA had the highest number of British drug arrests, as 159 Brits were banged up abroad, the Spanish arrested 103, Thailand locked up 36 Britons, France 28 and Greece 14.

In France 820 British citizens died, 1,492 died in Spain, only 152 in the USA, in Greece there were 165 deaths and in Thailand there were 389. The USA seems to be the safest place for Brits to visit in terms of rape and sexual assaults, with only 4 reported in 2012-13, in France there were 10 reports, Thailand only 13, Greece 29 and Spain 70.

According to the British Foreign and Commonwealth office figures proportionally Brits are more likely to be hospitalized in Thailand than anywhere else in the world, closely followed by the Philippines. The number in Thailand has increased by around a 31% many of the cases are linked to the aging British population and road traffic accidents. Proportionally, Brits are significantly more likely to die in the Philippines than any other country, however that is due to large numbers of elderly British expats who live there, relatively few tourist die or are hospitalized in the Philippines.

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