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Brutal Thai bodybuilder attacked and imprisoned young Bangkok student

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Brutal Thai bodybuilder attacked and imprisoned young Bangkok student | Samui Times
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The hunt is on for a vicious body builder turned sadist who was a member of a Thai national sports team who brutally attacked a young female student and imprisoned her in his Bangkok flat for two days, reports Thaivisa News.

The horrific story came to light as the mother of the 22 year old girl, named as “Orn” , contacted the Paweena Hongbody buildersakul Foundation who in turn called in Hua Mark police.

Orn was hospitalised with a ruptured lung, broken ribs, and serious bruising. The cruel and jealous man had stubbed out cigarettes in her face. Doctors had to drain blood from her lungs to save her life.

Well known Paweena Hongsakul herself visited the victim in hospital and called for action to arrest the perpetrator. The foundation that bears her name helps children and women who are victims of abuse.

It emerged that Orn had met the body builder brute mid March through online chat and had gone to his apartment in Ramkhamhaeng to do some cleaning to get money for her studies. Mother Somsri (no surname supplied) said that the man, known just as Tor ,had taken advantage of her daughter. Orn had not reported the matter for fear of it looking like she had agreed to his advances.

Orn, a fourth year student at a famous Bangkok university, met him again and said that he was always going to the gym but would come back and drink alcohol and would hit her in jealous rages.

However, on the 23rd of March she went to see him again, related her mother. A terrible argument broke out and the violence escalated as Tor hit Orn over the head with a long “sparta” knife and stubbed a cigarette out on her face. He kicked her to the ground until she was unconscious fracturing several ribs.

Coming round later she found she was tied up and was kept imprisoned in the apartment for two days. Finally on the 26th, last Saturday, Tor went out and she grabbed her chance to escape crawling out of the apartment on hands and knees and managing to contact friends and get to hospital where doctors acted fast to treat her grievous injuries.

The hunt continues for the brutal Tor who is understood to have represented Thailand in bodybuilding competitions at international level.

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