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Bull rescued from Phuket reservoir

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Bull rescued from Phuket reservoir | Samui Times
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A bull had to be rescued from a small reservoir in Kathu earlier yesterday (May 13) after it fell in. Coincidentally, yesterday was the annual Royal Ploughing Ceremony day.

bull rescued from PhuketAt 8:10 am, Kusoldharm rescue workers and Kathu municipality officials were called to rescue a bull which had fallen into a small resevoir in Moo Baan Chalaykiri on Phra Phuket Kaew Rd in Kathu.

Rescue workers arrived to find a Brahman bull, which weighed about 150 kilos, in the reservoir which contained about 1.5 metres of water (the reservoir is three metres deep).

At their first attempt, rescue workers used a rope around the two front legs of the bull to pull it from the reservoir, but it was too heavy.

Rescue workers then pumped some water out of the reservoir to prevent the bull from drowning. They then placed two water hoses under the body of the bull and pulled it to safety.

Once rescued, the bull chased away the seven men who had helped rescue it.

Residents and rescue workers were happy to see the bull unharmed especially as today they are used in the Royal Ploughing Ceremony.

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