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Business is booming for food delivery companies during Covid-19 crisis

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Business is booming for food delivery companies during Covid-19 crisis | Samui Times
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With the majority of the nation stuck indoors, practising our social distancing skills so you don’t have brave the outdoors, food deliveries have gone wild with high volumes of customer ordering online.

A lot of hospitality and restaurant businesses all over Thailand have felt the wrath of Covid-19 outbreak but on the other side, food delivery services are among the very few businesses that will gain benefits from the Covid-19 uprising. Others include the medical industry, medical supplies, life and health insurance policies and digital technology. And news services.

Kasikorn Bank reported the food delivery business in 2019 was worth 33-35 billion baht, that’s a 14% increase from the previous year. This year, those businesses are predicted to upsurge even more, with lockdown protocols seeming to only get stricter and more invasive causing more people to rely on food delivery services.

Sources report that many food delivery operators have reported that their workload has increased at least by a 100% since the Covid-19 emergency decree came into place a week ago today (March 26), which bans sit-in dining but allows restaurants to sell takeaway food.

With all the additional precautions making food deliveries to your home more efficient and safer, while also giving a wide range of options, it’s no real surprise there hefty rise in takeaways across the nation, leaving many stuck on one of the biggest questions of the day… What are we gonna order?

Many Samui restaurants are providing home delivery services (check on their Facebook pages). Otherwise the most popular food ordering and delivery Apps are Grab Food and Food Panda. There are others. Let your fingers browse your options.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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