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Bank Of Thailand

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About The Bank Of Thailand


The Bank of Thailand (BOT) was first established as the National Banking Bureau of Thailand. The Bank of Thailand Act was promulgated on 28 April 1942, which assigned all central banking functions to the Bank of Thailand. On 10 December 1942, the Bank of Thailand started operations.


The Bank of Thailand Act, B.E.2485, was later amended to emphasize BOT’s social responsibility, to set up a mechanism to prevent the economic crisis, and to set up the BOT decision-making process to ensure good governance and transparency in the organisation.


Governor Of Bank Of Thailand


The Governor of the Bank Bank of Thailand is the highest position of the Bank of Thailand and has a term of not more than five years in a span of two consecutive terms.


The Minister of Finance will be elected and appointed to the Cabinet. If the Cabinet passed a resolution to approve it, the King would be presented with the signature of His Majesty the King and would continue to be named.


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