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Call centre cheats and skimmers rounded up in Chiang Mai

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Call centre cheats and skimmers rounded up in Chiang Mai | Samui Times
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A large foreign gang of call centre fraudsters and a group of Ukrainian skimmers were rounded up in Chiang Mai in two separate cases yesterday.

scammersIn the first case14 Malaysians and a Vietnamese who had set up a call centre in a house in San Sai district were paraded for the press. The gang comprising both men and women were posing as employees of a Malaysian bank tricking their compatriots out of money. They told their “customers” there was a problem with their credit cards and persuaded them to send money to an account. The account is owned by a ‘Mr Big’ behind the scenes who would give the gang a percentage for their trouble.The ringleader is believed to be abroad.

They had netted 500,000 ringgit or 4 million baht in the last 14 days. They were charged with theft as well as immigration offences and working without permits. A large amount of phones. communications equipment and ledgers of those that had been duped were taken into evidence. They were operating out of a rented house.

In a separate case three Ukrainian skimmers have been arrested. Police claim that the gang have been responsible for up to 70 million baht in theft. Victims are mainly believed to reside in the European Union and other parts of Asia.

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