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“Cambodian traffickers almost killed me, now my life is ruined”

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“Cambodian traffickers almost killed me, now my life is ruined” | Samui Times
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After working as a diving instructor, Didier Ruckh joined a company working with the military police in Cambodia to protect the forest against deforestation and stop illegal trafficking of animals. In a mission for 3 years in the Caramones mountains, he did his best to preserve that wonderful natural habitat but it didn’t end well.

“Cambodian traffickers almost killed me, now my life is ruined” | News by Samui TimesHis job was to patrol, even under heavy rain, every single days and night because the traffickers never stop to try their best to take those precious things out from the forest in order to sell them at the black market.

He got into physical confrontation many times even with the local villagers because they didn’t want them to take out their “traffickers friends” to the court.

This is how Didier got a lot of unfriendly people around him but kept believing in his mission to preserve and protect this place of paradise.

On February 21th 2015, during a day off in the capital, around 8.30pm on the way to go to the restaurant to have a dinner with friends, he has mysteriously got into a serious traffic accident that completely changed his life to the worst.

Luckily, during the accident he didn’t lose conscious and managed to call for help.

Very badly injured, his shoulder, arm, hips and knee were all broken and his femoral arteria was cut in half with his foot completely wasted.

When he arrived at the local hospital, the doctor decision was to amputate the entire leg. At that moment, Didier requested to not do it by telling them he had a medical insurance that could cover any required treatment.

4 days after the accident, an air-ambulance then transported him from Cambodia to Bangkok where he started to receive a proper treatment as well as multiple surgeries from a specialist.

49 surgeries later, Didier still can’t walk long without crutches. He also lost his job.

Currently, he is not able to find any job and need go back to Switzerland to request a social support in order to be able to live a decent life.

He said he spent all his savings trying to get back on his feet and continue his life in Asia but now he is forced to go back to Switzerland to get few more surgeries in order to try to fix what’s left of his leg and then find a new job.


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