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Canadian left paralyzed after being shot in Chiang Mai needs help raising funds

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Canadian left paralyzed after being shot in Chiang Mai needs help raising funds | Samui Times
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On 21st of June 2013 Canadian Nic Brown, who had been teaching in Thailand, was in a bar in Chiang Mai when a fight broke out between a Thai Patron and a bar tender. Nic assisted in breaking up the fight, but moments later the was shot, along with two others, when the patron returned to the bar with a gun.

Nic was left paralyzed from the waist down following the shooting. Initially the suspect in the shooting paid for Nic’s medical bills, but this stopped after several months and he was never offered any kind of compensation.

nic brown gun shot victimNic is now running out of money and says he hopes he can get back to work, but carrying on the daily activities of life takes him far more time than it used to. Nic says he wants help to get back to a normal life and has created a page on go fund me to raise money for himself as well as a Facebook page called Justice for Nic Brown.

His facebook profile says “I was the victim of a random and brutal shooting while working abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As a result of the shooting, I am now paraplegic with no sensation or movement from about the belly button down. I spent six months in a Thai hospital recovering from multiple surgeries and a nasty pressure ulcer on my tailbone that wore down the bone (sacrum bone exposed) The man that shot me is currently out on bail of the equivalent of 5,000USD and facing trial soon. His family have put him in a mental institute for a time and he has joined the ‘monkhood’ in Thailand to strengthen his case. In the meantime, I have been unable to work while travelling between my hometown, Vancouver, and Thailand for trial and medical treatments. Insurance and fundraisers have covered a lot, but the bills continue pile up as I struggle to maintain my mental and physical health now newly confined to a wheelchair.

Feel free to check out a video that covers the details of the shooting and the fall out

I am not one to normally ask for handouts or personal charity, but under these extreme circumstances and under the advisement of those who care, I have decided to reach out the larger global community for help. Anything you offer would be invaluable toward easing the extreme duress I am under. All money would go towards medical bills. Thank you very much.

Nicolas Brown

Nic brown says that he has no grudge against the gunman and simply wants to get a job and have a family and live a simple, normal life.

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