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Car piles into motorbikes in “deliberate” attack

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Car piles into motorbikes in “deliberate” attack | Samui Times
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A video of a car that appears to drive directly into a line of parked motorcycles has caused much comment after being posted on social media.

The Youlike (Clip Det) segment begins with a car that passes a line of bikes then turns back to smash into a whole lot more, reported Thairath.

car piles into bikesThe tagline of the clip says that it is a “deliberate attack on people and vehicles”.

Most of the clip is the aftermath to the incident as a man is loaded into an ambulance. The trouble seems to be as a result of an argument between a car driver and a bunch of youths

Reporters caught up with the injured man Nathapong Yornan. He said that the incident occurred outside an entertainment venue in Sakorn Nakorn on Friday night.

He was just about to go home. He said that he understood that there was an argument between several motorcyclists and a car driver.

He was not involved at all but ended up in hospital needing 30 stitches. He had reported the matter to police but nothing has happened yet.

Sawang Daen Din police said that they were in the process of evidence gathering in the incident. Seven bikes were damaged, they added.

Online comment was rife and fell into two camps – the driver must be arrested for the attack but something must be done about teenagers on motorbikes causing trouble for other members of the public.

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