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Cargo ship ‘ran over and sank’ Phuket fishing boat

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Cargo ship ‘ran over and sank’ Phuket fishing boat | Samui Times
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Marine crime officers are currently investigating an incident involving the Vietnamese registered cargo ship Phuong Nam 69 after it allegedly ran over a local fishing boat in the sea off Phuket, sinking it.

cargo ship phuketYesterday (January 13), Arom Sriim, 58, the owner of the fishing boat Wasana Waree reported to Phuket Marine Police that at 8:40am, while he was anchoring his boat 10 miles from Phuket International Airport, the cargo ship came at speed and crashed into the front of his boat, causing it to sink.

Mr Arom and three other crew members were thrown into the sea, but were quickly rescued by nearby boats.

Mr Arom said that the Phuong Nam 69 made no attempt to stop after the incident, and that he had no information on the ship so was unable to contact its captain.

Phuket Marine Office Chief, Phuripat Theerakulpisut said that officials at the Phuket Vessel Traffic Monitoring Centre at Chalong Pier had already been notified of the collision, and have confirmed that the Vietnamese ship was on its way to Myanmar with transporting 5,000 tonnes of cement.

The Phuket Marine Office has also confirmed that officers caught up with the Phuong Nam 69 and have moved it to Phang Nga Bay while an investigation is carried out.

The captain of the vessel was taken to Tha Chat Chai Police station for questioning.

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