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The case of the stolen Phuket bottle tops

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The case of the stolen Phuket bottle tops | Samui Times
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Police are looking for a thief who opened the cooler at a Supercheap mini-mart yesterday and stole the caps off 36 bottles of Ichitan soft drinks.

stolen bottle tops PhuketThe story of the megatheft emerged after Joy Hudrudchai, a member of staff at the Bangkanatee Supercheap mini-mart in Rawai, posted an irritated note on her Facebook page.

It was addressed to “Khun Tan Ichitan” and complained that the shop’s entire stock of drinks at the shop was ruined by the theft.

The motive for the robbery was soon found. Ichitan recently launched a new promotion, giving away 50 Mercedes Benz cars every 50 days. The slogan: “Become rich simply by get the winning code under the bottle cap after you drink Ichitan.”

The thief seemingly decided that the road to riches did not necessarily have to include either paying for or drinking the Ichitan.

Piyasa Boonkaew, the shop’s manager, said this was not the first time that caps had been stolen. “It happens quite often and the campaign lasts until April 9. We reported the incident to head office and police are helping to find the culprit.”

Chalong Deputy Police Superintendent Lt Col Anan Anutarawasarat said, “The store manager told us there were thefts of bottle tops on March 8, 11 and 16. We are examining the CCTV footage [from the shop] and we will bring the thief to justice on charges of stealing after dark.”

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