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Cause of mass stingray deaths not yet established

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Cause of mass stingray deaths not yet established | Samui Times
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As local authorities have not yet established the actual cause of the mass death of freshwater stingrays in the Mae Klong river, but most local residents strongly believe waste water discharged by factories near the river caused the mass death.

sting-ray-deathsThis was revealed at yesterday meeting summoned by the governor of Samut Songkram to discuss the death of the stingrays.

Representatives from the Department of Pollution Control, and agencies concerned and local residents took part at the meeting.

However the meeting could not either conclude the cause of the mass death or point out what was the cause.

Until yesterday local authorities and residents living on the river banks have so far collected 45 dead stingrays.

Yesterday veterinarian Dr Nantarika Chansue from Chulalongkorn university disclosed that the laboratory examination of five dead stingrays found that the creatinine level in the kidneys was very high or as much as 20 times higher than normal level which indicated that they were not died from the natural substance but some chemical substances.

The stingrays might have died after contacting the toxic substances by 12-24 hours.

She also believed the actual number of dead stingrays might be higher than the carcasses found.

She estimated the number could reach as high as 150, as they might not float but sank at the bottom of the river.

At yesterday’s meeting, the majority of local residents viewed that polluted water discharged from factories at the upstream of the river may be the cause of death of the stingrays which was the aquatic animal that was sensitive to the environment.

They said it was believed that this was the largest mass death of stingrays in the history in Thailand.

The Department of Pollution Control Department has collected samples of the water and sediments for laboratory test.

Samples of waste water from the treatment pond of some suspected factories were also collected.

The department expected to reveal the result of the test at the weekend.

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