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CCSA Update On Covid-19 Measures (May 8)




CCSA Update On Covid-19 Measures (May 8) | Samui Times
Natapanu Nopakun, Deputy Spokesperson for Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration has reminded everyone in a live update that today is the Red Cross and Crescent day saying that health is the cornerstone of peace, security and prosperity.

Natapanu Nopakun, the Deputy Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also gave updated information on national inspections of public businesses for hygiene. Below are the findings which he said points to good outcomes so far.

Thailand Business Hygiene Inspection Results:

Restaurants: 5,543 compliant, 156 non-compliant

Supermarkets: 625 compliant, 17 non-compliant

Market / Retail Stores: 4,558 compliant, 145 non-compliant

Salon / Barber shops: 3,457 compliant, 87 non-compliant

Gold courses: 116 compliant, 1 non-compliant

Public parks: 465 compliant, 6 non-compliant

Sports facilities: 320 compliance, 6 non-compliant

Pet stores: 330, 3 non-compliant

Natapanu also gave information concerning Thais abroad to be repatriated being classified into two groups. Those who fall into the immediate category to be repatriated are those whose visas are expiring as well as the sick and vulnerable. Those who fall into the urgent category are monks, students and jobless people.

Today, Thailand has brought back Thais from 31 countries and territories. Those on flights from Egypt and the UAE have been automatically quarantined.

Tomorrow, flights from Hanoi, Vietnam and Tokyo, Japan will arrive with more Thais being repatriated.

Natapanu also said Covid-19 social distancing measures were implemented on buses and boats with before and after pictures showing a vast improvement.

The CCSA says they plan to implement more Covid-19 tests on 6 groups of vulnerable people: medical personnel, detention center workers, postal office workers, migrant workers, bus workers, and entertainment workers which totals around 80,000 people to be tested.

Furthermore, the CCSA says that it has suspended 203 bus service routes out of about 800 routes with those longer than 300 km being targeted.

Each province has its own travel restrictions with information available on the Ministry of Transport hotline number 1356.

Covid-19 Daily Briefing: 8 May 2020 / 11.30 AM

📣📣 8 May 2020 — An update from the Thai government regarding #Thailand's #COVID19 situation, reporting from the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) at Government House 📌📌HIGHLIGHTS: – New cases = 8, deaths = 0, total cases = 3,000, and total cured = 2,784- The Ministry of Transport has suspended some routes of bus and train services to avoid mass travel to other provinces and to reduce the spread of the virus. For more information about the available routes, please contact the Ministry of Transport hotline at 1356.- Active testing is being implemented for six groups of people, namely medical personnel, people in detention centers, postal and logistics personnel, migrant workers, public transport drivers, and people who work in the entertainment industry.Speaker: Mr. Natapanu NopakunDeputy Director-General of the Department of Information and Deputy Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Posted by PR Thai Government on Thursday, 7 May 2020


SOURCE: PR Thai Government




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  • Deaths: 58
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