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Century 21 Zazen Properties incredible grand opening party

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Century 21 Zazen Properties incredible grand opening party | Samui Times
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At 6m on Thursday 21st of November Century 21 Zazen Properties opened their doors for the first time and welcomed residents of the island to a lavish Grand Opening party.

SAM_0282During the party the guests enjoyed an incredible selection of wines and beers and an even more incredible selection of cheeses that had been imported from around the world. Steve Bray worked his magic on the music accompanied by smooth saxophonist Koran Daniels.

The Mayor of Koh Samui and the THA President opened the building at just after 6-30pm and with such incredible entertainment, fine wines and cheeses and a fabulous firework display it is fair to say that this is one of the most impressive opening parties the island has ever seen.

Century 21 Zazen

Why and How Inhouse is Making an Impact:

A house is more than just four walls. It’s an exciting concept and in almost every case it represents someone’s dream. But once it’s built houses and homes still have a long way to go. There’s interior design to be thought of, wi-fi, internet and sound systems, as well as furniture, appliances and everything that completes a home and gives it soul and substance. We aim to bring the best out of your property. We look for ways to help home-owners discover a sense of excitement about the property’s possibilities. We turn each project into a journey. We aim to expand people’s ideas of what they can do, and to produce results that go well beyond the standard options.

SAM_0285Inhouse is responsible for real estate and construction, architectural design, photography, internet installation and maintenance, smart home systems, furniture, as well as appliances for home & hotel.

Inhouse is located at Century 21 Zazen Properties. The offices are to be found on the ring road at SamuiTown Center. The interior of the building showcases what Inhouse can do: the simple set of offices has been transformed into a bright, inspiring, multi-purpose space. Here we present our solutions to the challenges that home-owners face when they seek to turn their properties into beautiful homes, complete with some of the latest designs and gadgetry. We seek to present options that aim towards being unique. We want to make houses come alive with possibilities!

Our team at Inhouse is small, agile and highly creative. Together, we provide solutions to a broad range of customers’ needs and wants. Inhouse consists of 5 members, each highly skilled in a particular area, who have pooled their talents to give you a set of services which are not only first-class but superbly innovative.

Who are we?

The team is comprised of founder Alex Andries, home interior expert who works with interior styles for house and home. Alex founded Century 21 Zazen Properties, a Samui-based real estate company with global connections, and has now expanded on this to offer you a range of unique services and designs to complement your properties.

He’s complemented by:

SAM_0289Thitima Fathaveeporn, local expert in land and liaising with landowners and those renting out property.

Jeri de Jongh, 3D designer of houses, who in tandem with a Thai architect builds the houses that first appear on computer or on paper.

Laurent Gas, an expert in everything to do with internet, wi-fi installation and operation, sound systems, security cameras and smart home technologies.

Patrick Balmer, office manager and manager of Century 21 Zazen Properties.

All our services are housed under one roof: visit Inhouse’s offices in Bophut and you’ll be able to see for yourself how our knowledge can improve your life. The offices themselves showcase our various areas of expertise. You will also notice that the ensemble is very different from any usual kind of office: here the emphasis is on comfort and conviviality, which is combined with the most seamless of latest technologies.

Alex Andries

Alex Andries is the founder of Inhouse and is on a mission to help people find passion in building and furnishing homes that exceed expectations. He is the creator of Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa – a highly popular boutique resort on Koh Samui’s north coast which has a track record when it comes to pleasing its guests. Alex has surrounded himself with people who make all the difference when it comes to designing, building and completing the interiors of a dream house.

century 21 3When it comes to Tropical living, he knows what he’s talking about: he’s been in Thailand since 1997 and got to know the others on the Inhouse team round the same time. They have stayed together ever since, honing their individual skills and acquiring more and more knowledge about Thailand.

Having completed one of the island’s most stylish resorts, Alex is qualified to help homeowners make their properties enviably chic. At Inhouse, he focuses on interiors and represents Slimline, Yotahka, Surniture and Hotel and Home Innovation.

He has put together a brilliant team that together is the crux of who and what Inhouse is. You might need just one service and one professional, or several – all depending on your particular needs.

Thitima Fathaveeporn

Khun Thitima’s own background and experience is an integral part of our blueprint. She was born on Koh Samui and grew up here and knows not just the land but also those who live on the island. Her approach to working with others is invaluable. She finds out the positive and negative points about parcels of land and houses is invaluable. Speaking fluent English, she and Alex Andries set up Zazen in 2000. Khun Thitima’s long been involved in bringing out stylishness in accommodation. She knows what works and always keeps her clients’ needs and wants in mind. Zazen’s success is the living proof. At Inhouse she carries on the tradition of helping her clientele realize their dreams.

century 21 4Laurent Gas

Laurent Gas came to Koh Samui in 2000, when the island was just developing its IT systems. He’s a trusted figure when it comes to all things electronic. His IT company has niched into organizing and installing equipment for villas, such as smart home technologies. He keeps in step with new developments and can advise on the newest and most efficient systems. He’s a creative spark if you want to get more out of your property and have both convenience and innovation at your fingertips.

Laurent Alamagny

Laurent Alamagny came to Koh Samui in 2000 together with Laurent Gas, and he took care of the Video & photo aspect of their company. Today Laurent is concentrating his activities as a Photographer mainly. He joined the in house team as the as the picture man and takes care of most of the real estate pictures and the publications of In House.

Patrick Balmer

Patrick is in charge of Century 21 Zazen Properties, a highly active role which requires him to improve and hone the concept, promote, sell and rent offices, houses, villas and hotels. Since the brand is global, he fields enquiries from all over the world. Speed is also of the essence, and one of Patrick’s main tasks is to make sure that people’s properties appear on the market quickly, so that they can be seen as soon as possible by all interested parties.

SAM_0282Jeri de Jongh

Both an artist and an athlete, Jeri de Jongh is used to the world of peak performance. He studied at an art academy in Holland and later qualified in physical education. He came to Koh Samui where you’ll find using the latest methods to turn house designs into computer walkthroughs – the results look almost as real as if the house were already built. He makes it possible to see what changes can be made before the concrete is poured and the walls go up. It’s not just money-saving; when you work with Jeri, you can see right in front of you all the different options possible. Everything can be visualized with 100% clarity thanks to a few strokes of the keyboard.

When Jeri’s not designing, you might find him at an adventure race, or just practicing running, cycling or kayaking. He’s a vibrant being who enjoys living life to the full – a good partner to have if you want the oodles of creativity that are needed if you’re going to build a house that will breathe vitality.

He met Alex in 2003 and the two have worked on a variety of different projects since. They built a subterranean wine cellar – the only one of its kind on Samui – just 150 meters from the sea. People said it couldn’t be done. Experts agreed. Alex and Jeri went ahead. Jeri produced the cellar in virtual reality and they could see that it looked aesthetically pleasing. They then worked out how it could be constructed and made safe from humidity and flooding. And then they went ahead and built it.

One of Jeri’s skills is listening to the clients and then turning their dreams – however fleetingly glimpsed, however vague – into computer reality. From there, the dream takes on flesh and has a chance to come into the world as rock-solid reality.


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