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“C’est moi! But I’m not a taxi driver” Frenchman tells Samui cops as Thais urged to rat on foreigners

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“C’est moi! But I’m not a taxi driver” Frenchman tells Samui cops as Thais urged to rat on foreigners | Samui Times
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Koh Samui police have interviewed the foreign man seen accepting money after taking tourists to the port on Koh Samui. 

He denied being a taxi service saying he was just doing friends a favor.

Now after a meeting Thais on the holiday island have been urged to rat on foreigners they see running taxi services.

The story blew up yesterday when the video caused many Thai operators – particularly taxi services – on Samui to claim that foreigners were increasingly taking jobs reserved for Thais.

The locals were claiming hardship at the hands of Europeans, Chinese and Koreans in particular running taxi services and acting as guides. 

Samui police chief Pol Col Boriboon saw the clip and immediately ordered Pol Sub-Lt Nikorn Insuwan to investigate and invite the large white man in the clip into the station for a chat.

It turned into an interesting tête-à-tête as the 60 year old man proved to be from France. 

He admitted that it was him in the clip. And he admitted that the Mazda pick-up (registration number กบ (gor bor) 3275, Surat Thani plates) was indeed his.

But he said that he was just taking friends to the ferry at Nathon.

He explained that his place is in Bang Kao in the Na Meuang area and there is no taxi service from there so he was obliged to help his friends out. 

They gave him 200 baht “money for gas” which was most kind of them. 

The officers listened patiently to this explanation before checking the French man’s record and warning him as to his future behavior especially when it comes to taking jobs reserved for Thais. 

After this a meeting was held on the island between many concerned individuals including the police, tourist cops, the Department of Land Transport rep and the head of the taxi drivers’ association, reported Manager. 

They were discussing the way forward to stop foreigners taking jobs reserved for Thais and causing hardship to Thai people. 

Thais were urged to report any foreigners taking Thai jobs by calling 191 or 07742 1907. 

Thai Visa / Manager

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