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Chachoengsao man killed in M79 grenade explosion live on Facebook

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Chachoengsao man killed in M79 grenade explosion live on Facebook | Samui Times
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A man was killed by a grenade explosion after he entered the prohibited firing training zone at a border patrol police base in Chachoengsao to catch wild hens.

Police said the death of Apisit Kerdlarpphol, 28, a factory worker, was broadcast live on his Facebook wall on Friday.

Police found his body at the firing range of the Phraya Surasee Khao Nam Yod BPP after they were alerted by friends who watched the Facebook live broadcast.

His right hand was blown off and the shrapnel also hit his face and body. His mobile phone was found nearby.

About five or six unexploded M79 grenades were also found nearby.

His father, Napalai Kerdlarpphol, 67, told police that Apisit left home at 6am with his wild rooster. He said he would use the wild rooster to draw wild hens for him to catch.

He later broadcast live on his smartphone, showing his rooster crowing. Later, he said on Facebook live that no hens came out so he would return home.

The clip then showed him walking back to his vehicle. He spotted gold-coloured metal objects scattered on the ground and said that people who collect garbage to sell, would be happy to find them. He then picked up one of the object and knocked it against a rock and the clip stopped.

Police said the gold-coloured objects were M79 grenades that had been fired during practice but had not exploded.

A team of bomb disposal officers was dispatched to dispose the rest of the grenades.

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