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Charity to give a three bedroom house to surrogacy scandal baby Gammy

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Charity to give a three bedroom house to surrogacy scandal baby Gammy | Samui Times
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The family of baby Gammy, the child at the center of the surrogacy scandal, are to receive a three bedroom house. Peter Baines, the founder of the Hands Across the Water organization has organized a long term plan for the child, who suffers from Down syndrome and was left with his surrogate mother in Thailand by a Western Australian couple.

gammyThe long term plan for the baby, that prompted Thailand’s military rulers to outlaw commercial surrogacy in Thailand, will include paying the family a monthly stipend of $531 to cover the living expenses of both Gammy, his two siblings and his birth mother who has been earning considerably less than that at her food stall in the village where her family live outside Bangkok.

The organization say that this will remove the need for Gammy’s birth mother to work, leaving her free to stay at home and take care of him. The organization has also arranged to pay for Gammy’s medical costs and the physical and speech therapy he will require. The three bedroom house that is also part of the plan will be chosen by the family in a location close to the private hospital where Gammy will receive specialist care.
Staff from the charity are expected to keep in weekly contact with Gammy’s mother, Ms. Pattaramon and provide her with assistance as well as access to resources.

Gammy’s twin sister went back to Australia with biological parents Mr. and Mrs. Farnell and has been named Pipha. It has been reported that Mr. Farnell is a convicted child sex offender.

Mrs. Pattharamon, 23, has been struggling to deal with the media frenzy that has surrounded Gammy’s case since he was born in December last year. She told reporters that Gammy misses Pipah and she would be happy to take care of both children if the authorities deemed it appropriate, she also said that she would like to visit Australia to see baby Pipah. She said “I miss Pipha every day and would like to hug her again”.

Monks and Buddhist advocates, at a seminar in Bangkok, agreed that surrogacy raises a number of moral questions and is something that should not be encouraged.

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