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Chef Lisa brings home cooking to your kitchen

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Chef Lisa brings home cooking to your kitchen | Samui Times
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Chef Lisa has spent the last ten years travelling the world, working, tasting, learning and loving food. A few years ago she settled on Samui and found that she really missed Western food, despite having a healthy love of Thai cuisine, pangs of the tastes of home came frequently. She decided to fill the gap in her diet by making home cooked products such as pasta sauce, baked pastas, pies, burger patties , curries, soups and sweets.

lisa foodThe great news for residents of Koh Samui is that Lisa is not simply making these dishes to satisfy her own appetite but to fill the cravings of other residents, and visitors who would like a taste of home every now and again and she will deliver her goodies to your door.

As well as having a hearty meal, Lisa makes some ideal freezer filler dishes so next time you don’t feel like going out to eat but want something delicious and nutritious to enjoy you only need to get as far as your freezer.
The Samui Times had the pleasure of tasting some of Lisa’s dishes and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious and rich homemade lasagna, tasty broccoli soup, authentic and aromatic massaman curry, the wholesome South African chicken casserole that was bursting with flavor, a robust ratatouille and some hearty chicken pies.

As well as honest to goodness dishes Lisa can also cater for special dietary requirements and can help you with your outside catering needs.

For more information visit Chef Lisa’s Facebook page by clicking here

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