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Chiang Mai University’s researcher makes medical breakthrough in fighting cancer

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Chiang Mai University’s researcher makes medical breakthrough in fighting cancer | Samui Times
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A Thai team of doctors at Chiang Mai University has made a significant medical breakthrough in fighting cancer after he discovered black sesame seeds have properties that could stave off cancer cells, and promote brain cell regeneration.

cancer cureThis discovery was said to be the first of its kind in the world.

According to Dr Prachya Kongthaweelert, deputy associate professor of the Thailand Excellence Center for Tissue Engineering and Stem Cells at the Chiang Mai University, and head of the team, black sesame seeds are rather innocuous in appearance but researchers have found that they contain extremely beneficial properties.

He said it was discovered that “Sesamin” extracted from black sesame contains properties that hinder cancer cell growth as well as stimulate antibodies in the human body to fight cancer.

In relating the discovery of the benefits of black sesame, he stated that researchers all over the world have been experimenting with Sesamin but this is the first time that it has been directly injected into one week old actively developing cancer cells.

What is normally found in cancerous cells is the abnormal development of blood vessels, he said.

But after having injected Sesamin into them, the researchers discovered the secret of how it fights cancer cells.

He said what was excited initially was that the team found that when Sesamin was injected into the cells, there were clear differences in growth.

Cancer cells were significantly reduced because Sesamin prevents the development of blood vessels. The development of blood vessels has been found to be stimulated by excretions from the cancerous cells themselves, he said.

He further explained that as cancer cells grow, they stimulate the development of new blood vessels to feed them.

Furthermore, these blood vessels also help to spread cancer cells to other parts of the body.

But Sesamin has properties that hinder the development of these new blood cells which in effect denies them food for growth and prevents them from spreading. Eventually, they become atrophic and die, he explained.

He said Sesamin directly hinders the development of new blood cells which denies the cancerous cells their food. Denied nutrients, they atrophy and die.

Besides, the team also found that Sesamin also promotes antibody production in the human body which will then attack cancer cells as well. These are mutually beneficial attributes that directly help to fight cancer, he said.

He said patents for the medical breakthrough have been filed and received for the research both in Thailand and internationally.

This also includes the future commercial production of Sesamin from black sesame seeds.

One added benefit of black sesame that has also been discovered in the research is that it helps promote brain cell regeneration and this is backed by evidence of patients who have improved brain functions after consuming Sesamin extracts.

Dr Prachya said his team are extremely proud of their work as it helps heal cancer patients and allow them have a better life.

He thus recommends the regular consumption of sesame seeds but advises that the seeds must be crushed and cooked first to yield the best results.

He however cautions against consuming more than 4 table spoons a day as it could lead to stomach upsets or diarrhea.

At yesterday’s press conference, the doctor also showed a caner patient who has fully recovered after being treated with Sesamin.

The 21 year old woman was diagnosed with Lymphoma 2 years ago and she had underwent chemotherapy to kill the cancerous cells but the procedure is fraught with many bad side effects.

Chemotherapy sessions are also expensive and later she began taking Sesamin extracts as well and she has found that it helped her body fight the cancer cells and helped speed up her body’s recovery. She has now fully recovered.

“I rarely see chemo patients that are as fortunate as me that are given the chance to have a normal life again. I cannot say what the outcome would be if I had not taken the extract but what I can say is after taking it I am better,” she recalled.

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