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Chiang Mai X-Centre fined for nude bungee jumping

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Chiang Mai X-Centre fined for nude bungee jumping | Samui Times
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Mae Rim police have imposed a fine of 1,000 baht for Chiang Mai X-Centre under the charge of allowing a nude bungee jumping last week.
naked bungee jumpTipped off by picture circulated in social media yesterday, Colonel Adul Somnuek, superintendent of Mae Rim police station, led a raid of the extreme sports centre, located on Mae Rim-Samoeng Road, Mae Rim district.
X-Centre staff Bancha Chulakul, 37, met the police raid team on the proprietor’s behalf.
Bancha admitted he was the staff member depicted in the picture for assisting a female bungee jumper to jump in the nude.
He said the incident took place last week and that he believed the nude jumper had already left the country.
He said the nude jumping happened without his approval.
Based on his statement, a group of visitors from Hong Kong came to the centre. One of them was a good-looking woman who was later identified as a popular pretty girl, known as Natalie.
The staff member said she wore a bathrobe going up to the jumping tower. After he assisted her to tie the bungee cord, she suddenly took off the bathrobe before leaping off the platform in the nude.
He said he had no time to stop her and that her friends used mobile phones to take the pictures of nude jumping. He said he could do nothing but to help her putting the bathrobe back on after the jump.
He said he understood the nude jumping was meant as a publicity stunt for the woman.
Adul said he would alert the Chinese Consular about the indecent conduct involving a Hong Kong visitor.
Wallop Namwongphrom of the Chiang Mai Cultural Council said he found the nudity unacceptable.
Chiang Mai has been known for its cultural heritage and any act of public indecency would tarnish the provincial reputation, Wallop said.
He urged the provincial authorities to prevent a repeat of such incident.
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