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Child abductor arrested and grown up child retrieved

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Child abductor arrested and grown up child retrieved | Samui Times
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Provincial Police Region 4 yesterday arrested a woman and charged her for the abduction of a newborn baby from Khon Kaen Hospital four years ago.

child abduction ThailandShe raised the child as her own baby and told police she was ready to pay at all prices to have the child who now called her “Mom” back to her arms, saying the child is happy and well taken care of.

The alleged kidnapper was identified as Mrs. Anchulee Chitkhuntod.

Upon being arrested, she confessed during an interrogation of stealing a just-born baby girl from Khon Kaen Hospital four years ago, as she was desperate to have her own child after having a miscarriage.

She told the police that on the day of the incident, she had wandered into the maternity ward looking for a baby to take back home.

She found one mother with a baby girl and when the mother was unaware she walked in and took the baby.

She said she brought the child back to her pick-up truck and drove back home to her husband in Chaiyaphum province.

When she returned home, she lied to all her family members that the child was hers.

She said that since then she raised the little girl until she was two years old before sending her off to her husband’s parents as she had to look for job in another province.

She also stressed that she has always given money support to her in-laws in order to ensure that the child was well looked after.

Police said the abduction happened on February 13, 2011, when the woman stole the 2-day old baby girl from her mother, Mrs Kansuda Samdaeng, who informed the police that she had went into the bathroom when her daughter was taken away.

CCTV footages captured a middle-aged woman, around 30-40 years old, plump with dark skin walked past a counter on the second floor of the building before escaping from there holding the baby in her arms.

Police reported that they have been following the abduction ever since.

The police further stated that the latest clue has been found in August, where they had investigated a birth certificate of a 4-year old girl called, Arisa Chitkhuntod, who had just applied to the Wang Ta Thep school of Thepsatit district in Chaiyaphum province. They had found that the certificate had been tampered with and suspected it might have been forged.

After comparing the certificate with the Interior Ministry’s Civil Registration Office, it was revealed that the little girl’s identification number belonged to another child, who should be about 9 years old and was born in Khon Kaen province.

The police assumed that the little girl could be the newborn baby who was stolen 4 years ago and decided to question her paternal grandfather, Mr Samak Chitkhuntod about the background of the little girl.

They later interrogated the father of the child, Mr Sakpichit and his wife, Mrs Anchulee, who later admitted to kidnapping the baby girl from Khon Kaen Hospital in 2011.

DNA test pointed the baby girl having matched with Mrs Kansuda Samdaeng.

The suspect, charged with child abduction, will be prosecuted while the grown up baby is pending talk of how to heal her if she knew she is not the real mother.

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