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Child angel blessing ritual under watch by police

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Child angel blessing ritual under watch by police | Samui Times
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As adoption of “child angel” doll is becoming a fever for many Thais of various professions, the police now are keeping close watch on some Buddhist temples which are performing superstitious rites for these imported dolls from China as they fear the people might be deceived if it turns commercial.

child angelThe superstition-fueled fad over the child angel or ‘Luk Thep’ dolls has many of the public flocking to buy these dolls and have them receive blessing and incantations at temples.

One of the temples performing such ritual is in Nonthaburi province.

The public now questions whether Buddhist monks can actually perform Buddhism ritual or called “Plook Sek” on these dolls and if so, can this act be considered a contravention of Buddhist teachings.

Spokesman for the National Office of Buddhism Somchai Surachatri said that the act of performing the ‘Plook Sek’ ritual is no different from other rituals that Buddhist monks regularly perform to bless automobiles.

It is an act that at its core is designed to ease the fears of the Buddhist faithful and give them greater peace-of-mind.

As long as there is no commercial intent then the act does not contravene with Buddhist guidelines. A good monk cannot rightly refuse.

“If the ritual was performed in order to receive commercial gain or if the people were directly asked to make more donations then this is improper. That is what is known among devout monks as ‘Deracharn Wicha’ or ‘Corruption of Knowledge’ and is not supported by the Sangha Buddhist Supreme Council,” he explained.

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