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Child “Muay Thai” has netizens asking: Child abuse or sport?

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Child “Muay Thai” has netizens asking: Child abuse or sport? | Samui Times
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A Facebook video of two five year olds fighting in a ring has caused widespread comment online.

ChildThe combatants in the 17 kilo division were shown battering each other’s heads and occasionally kicking as a huge crowd of baying adults screamed out.

As one boy is repeatedly forced into a corner the referee makes no attempt to seriously intervene. He merely lets the boys continue flailing at each other in the center of the ring.

Neither child is wearing head protection.

The video – posted by “Yuthaphoom Khunseuk Tragoonyang” – goes on for a full two minutes.

Sanook said that netizens fell into two camps in their comments: one group were praising this as an expression of Thai culture though the national sport of Muay Thai.

Others condemned it as nothing more than child abuse for the pleasure of adults that violated the rights of children.

Sanook said that doctors at Mahidol university have stated that 100,000 children under the age of 15 are competing in Muay Thai prize fights in Thailand.

They have pointed out that children of this age should not be fighting due to potential damage to the brain.

Sanook said that moves are currently being made to seek a change in the law that allows such “sport”.


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