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Chinese student found dead in Pattaya

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Chinese student found dead in Pattaya | Samui Times
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A 20 year old Chinese student has been found dead on a beach near the red light district in Pattaya. Zhang Chunrong told her parents that she wanted to spend some time travelling before getting a new job on China. She left for Thailand on August 3rd. After promising her parents she would stay in touch, she lost contact with them almost immediately. Three days after the start of her trip her parents were called by the Chinese Embassy with the news that she had been found dead on the beach, no cause of death was given. An early investigation revealed that the young girl had travelled to Thailand to meet up with an acquaintance she had set up an online shop with some months earlier. The Thai person was said to be supplying Thai goods. The girls mothers is now speculating the online business was simply a ruse to lure the girl to Thailand. Police are not investigating the case.

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