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Chinese Tourist ‘Faints’ and Drowns near Koh Lan

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Chinese Tourist ‘Faints’ and Drowns near Koh Lan | Samui Times
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A Chinese tourist fainted while he was swimming in the sea and subsequently drowned, say police in Pattaya.

Guo Burong, 57, was on a sightseeing trip with a Chinese tour group on Koh Lan island, close to the seaside town of Pattaya, when the incident occurred, said the group’s tour guide.

koh lanThe guide, Ponchanat Kamonrattanapong, 27, told police Mr. Guo was swimming approximately 20 metres away from the shore of Thong Land beach when he suddenly disappeared from her sight.

The staff waded into the sea in an attempt to rescue Mr. Guo but the Chinese man was already dead by the time help arrived, Ms. Ponchanat said.

According to Ms. Ponchanat, Mr. Guo has no known pre-existing medical condition.

The police suspect that Mr. Guo might have fainted under the extreme heat, causing him to drown. Nevertheless, the police stress that further investigation is needed in order to determine the exact cause of death.

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