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Chumphon quake is mild but happens near earth’s surface

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Chumphon quake is mild but happens near earth’s surface | Samui Times
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The Seismological Bureau yesterday confirmed earthquake hit Chumphon province Thursday but said it was a mild quake.

It’s confirmation came after survey by local authorities in the area revealed more houses were damaged than the initial report which said only one house was slightly damaged.

It said initially the earthquake could not be detected as it was mild of just 2.9 magnitude, and it’s measurement equipment could not detect it.

But after assessing information from other relevant government agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources and the Royal Irrigation Department, all concluded the incident at Tambon Bang Nam Jerd of Lang Suan district on Thursday evening was a real earthquake.

An official of the bureau said at first when villagers filed complaints of earthquake, he understood it might be land subsidence rather than earthquake because it couldn’t be detected by equipment it has in use.

Although the earthquake was mild, but it’s epicentre was shallow of just a kilometre underground.

Geologists initially presumed that the earthquake might be caused by Ranong-Chumphon fault line.

It was said to be the first time that earthquake hit Chumphon.

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