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Civil Court orders Praewa’s parents to pay 30 million baht compensation for fatal car incident in 2010

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Civil Court orders Praewa’s parents to pay 30 million baht compensation for fatal car incident in 2010 | Samui Times
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The Civil Court today sentenced the 21-year-old girl and her parents to pay 30 million baht in damages for her reckless driving on Bangkok’s expressway that killed nine people in the December 27, 2010 fatal incident.

killer drivingThe accident happened when she was an underage or 17 years old.

In today’s hearing of the ruling of civil case involving the girl, “Praewa”, her parents, and 28 plaintiffs who are relatives of the nine victims died in the accident, handed down the compensation sentence basing on the earlier ruling by the Appeals Court that she drove recklessly and her recklessness had resulted in the deaths of nine persons and damages to their properties.

Her offence was a personal violation to the dead and the injured that she and her parents have to be held responsible for violation, the Civil Court said.

Besides the parents also did not give testimonies that had proven that they had taken good care of their child.

Therefore they had to jointly pay the compensation for the consequences their child had incurred on the victims.

Earlier relatives of the victims demanded over 100 million baht in compensation for medical expenses, travel expenses, loss of earnings, loss of life support allowances, plus 7.5% interest rate/year.

Under the Civil Court’s ruling, relatives of the victims will receive compensation varying with the severity of the damages caused upon them. The compensation is between 4,000 baht and 1.8 million baht, plus 7.5% interest per year.

Earlier The Appeals Court sentenced her to two years in prison for reckless driving that caused nine people dead when the victims fell from the expressway after the taxi van was rammed by her car almost five years ago.

She appealed to the Supreme Court. But her appeal was rejected.

The Supreme Court said in its statement there was no significant evidence to reverse the ruling on August 2012 by the Central Juvenile and Family Court that sentenced her to three years in prison but commuted by one third to two years in prison.

The juvenile court granted three-year probation for her prison term, and mandated her to three year behaviour control, 48 hours of working to caring road accident patients, and report authorities every three months.

She was also banned from driving until she is 25-year-old.

The incident happened on the night of December 27, 2010 when she rammed her Honda Civic sedan at the taxi van on the expressway near Kaset intersection.

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