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Coca-Cola producer denies it asked for price increase

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Coca-Cola producer denies it asked for price increase | Samui Times
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Thai Namthip Company, the producer of Coca-Cola soft drinks, categorically denied a widely-circulated report in the social media that the company as well as the other soft drink bottlers have notified retailers of price adjustment by two baht for a can or bottle of soft drinks.

colaIn a clarification, the company said that the report of planned price increase was misleading. In fact, it said that the company has two different sizes of Coco-Cola – the 240cc priced at 10 baht a can which has been marketed since 2012 and the 245 cc priced at 12 baht a can which was introduced two years ago.

Mr Thongchai Sirithorn, director of social activities and organizational communications, explained that the different sizes of canned soft drinks were meant to meet the different wishes and tastes of the consumers which is a key of soft drink business.

Thai Namthip, he said, is not the only bottler that churns out different can sizes of soft drinks.

He explained that soft drinks are not controlled products whose prices are subjected to control by the Internal Trade Department. However, he said the company has been cooperative with the department all along.

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