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Come fly with me – just don’t expect a ticket! Woman busted in Thai Airways scam

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Come fly with me – just don’t expect a ticket! Woman busted in Thai Airways scam | Samui Times
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Police have announced the arrest of a Thai woman who posed as a Thai Airways employee in the “VIP Customer” section – she advertised online that she could get you tickets for up to half price.

And all because she had a relative who was an executive of the national carrier. But customers who fell for her tricks had to be quick or all the tickets would be gone, reported tnamcot. There were only a few left – please transfer the money quickly to secure your cheap seats, she would say,

come fly with meBut all of her happy clients soon got excuses not tickets until contact ceased altogether and they realized they had been conned.

Police said that Natthanitcha Udomwatthinchot managed to swindle 10 million baht with her website and Line application before she was arrested in Chiang Mai and brought to Bangkok to face the press yesterday.

She was arrested on a warrant for false advertising and fraud after police had received complaints from many people.

But it was not her first crime. She has done time on several other occasions each time coming out of prison to repeat her offending. She had been arrested six times for fraud, false advertising and other offences.

She told investigators that her job was selling things on the internet. Her intention was not to trick anyone, she was going to take the money and get tickets, she claimed. She did say sorry to her many victims, however.

Crime suppression division police responsible for the arrest warned people not to be gullible and not be taken in by offers of too cheap tickets online lest they become victims also.

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