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When it comes to world Liquor consumption Thailand rank 4th

Samui Times Editor



When it comes to world Liquor consumption Thailand rank 4th | Samui Times
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Thailand comes in fourth place when it comes to liquor consumption per head of capita, just behind South Korea, Russia and the Philippines.

According to data collected by Euromonitor International drinkers, of legal age for consumption have the equivalent of 4.5 shots of liquor on average per week. A figure that is quite a long way off South Korea’s whose drinkers get through 13.7 shots, but then they are way ahead in the game. Russians only get through 6.3 shots and Filipinos manage 5.4. The Japanese come in close to Thailand Thailand shot glasswith 4.5 shots, Bulgaria drink 3.9 along with the Ukraine, Slovakia get through 3.8, Brazil 3.6, the USA 3.3 and the Czech Republic and Germany only 3. Finland drink a conservative 2.9, Venezuela just are just behind that on 2.8, France and Spain only drink 2.7, Ireland 2.4, Canada 2.5, Chile and the UK 2.3, the Netherlands 1.9 and then at 1.8 units a week come Austria, Belgium and South Africa. Greece and Norway share 1.6 and China only 1.5. Columbia, Argentina and Portugal manage only 1.0, Peru 0.4 Malaysia 0.3, Vietnam 0.2, Morocco 0.1 and Egypt and Indonesia understandably have 0.0

According to data from the World Health Organization, consumption of beer and wine still remains relatively small compared to Thai consumption of spirits. Hard liquor and moonshine remain popular, though consumption of beer and wine has increasing steadily during the past decade.

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