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Complaints coming in from distressed tourist being ripped off by Samui Taxis

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Complaints coming in from distressed tourist being ripped off by Samui Taxis | Samui Times
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It has been several weeks now since the supposed clamp down on taxi drivers not using their meters in Samui. The island was assured that all taxi drivers would be turning on their meters and there would be a 50 baht charge as well as a further 50 baht surcharge for each journey. However, it seems that nothing has really changed in Samui and taxi meters are widely not being used. Those reporting abuse of the system to the hotline number seem to be getting nowhere and when the Samui Times sent an email for an explanation we received no reply.

samui taxi fare 1Today the Samui Times received this letter from one of our readers.

Our latest experience:

We were traveling from the Menaem Pier to the airport (Samui) last week.

We arrived at the pier and the taxi driver asked THB 600,-

I told him he had the sign ‚meter’ on his taxi.

‚You want me to take you or not, or i take other people’ is what he told me.

So i tried to get some money off…..THB 500 i had to pay!!!

Two weeks before we arrived at the Samui airport and had to go to the pier in Nathon.

We always take a taxi. Last time we already had to pay THB 800. But this time we could only get a taxi for THB 1000…!!!

(pay at the counter at the airport arrivals)

At the airport they told us this is the price and if we did not want to pay this price, we had to take the bus….

Sorry, we travel to Thailand 4 times in one year, also for business, we do speak the Thai language and behave correct, but we get very disappointed if things go on like this.

We hope this ridiculous actions will soon be over, and we can come back as happy people.

Best regards,

Louisa & Ron


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