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Computer man murdered – found tied up in shop with bin bag over his head

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Computer man murdered – found tied up in shop with bin bag over his head | Samui Times
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A computer repair man was found early Sunday morning in his shop with his hands and feet tied and a black bin bag over his head. He had been dead at least 5 hours when Samut Sakorn police were called to the four storey premises in the Mahachai area of the province.

They found Lertchai Sukprasertsin, 43, propped up against the glass door of his shop, reported Daily News. His hands were tied behind his back with straw string while his feet were secured with an electrical cable. His head was concealed with the bin bag.
computer man murder
There was no sign of a struggle though there was evidence that draws and cupboards had been rifled through for property and the victim’s wallet was found near his body minus two ATM cards.

Police suspect the motive was theft and that there were two or more assailants.

The victim’s elder brother Thongchai, 47, gave evidence that Lertchai opened his shop between 1pm and about 8pm every day. When he didn’t come home on Saturday night he went to the shop but found it shuttered up. When Lertchai had still not returned the next morning he went again and peering in through a crack in the door saw his brother’s legs tied. He managed to pull up the shutters and was confronted with the grisly scene.

He told police that his brother was a good guy who had no problems with anyone with no debts or gambling issues.

Police are studying CCTV footage nearby and in the wider area to get a trail on the murderers.

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