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Uproar on Facebook page over dodgy computer repair shop in Samui

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Uproar on Facebook page over dodgy computer repair shop in Samui | Samui Times
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Uproar over shoddy workmanship and computers being returned in a worse condition than they went into a repair shop has broken out on Samui’s online community pinboard page. The thread started on June 17th when one Facebook uses issued a warning to anybody looking to have a MAC computer repaired Mac serviceby the so called Mac Service Shop near Tesco Lotus Chaweng. The post said “Mac repair shop near Makro …. BEWARE. I took my macbook pro to be repaired in this shop, when I took it into the shop it had 8gb ram (2 x 4 gb) installed, when I got the computer back it only had 4gb ram 2 x 2gb) installed. When I questioned the owner he tried to deny it but eventually gave me a single 8 gb ram stick back, this stick is not compatible for my computer as the max it can take is 2 x 4gb sticks. I visited the tourist police but all they said was if you cannot prove this we can’t do anything. So BEWARE people when using the mac service shop near Makro.”

It seems many residents of Koh Samui have come away less than impressed from the same store. One poster wrote “your not the only one, One of my friend repaired an iMac, and this guy change the LCD screen by an older with problems, PM me if you need to contact a REAL Apple Certified Macintosh Technician.” Another said “Many people are complaining about that shop…” another disgruntled member of the group said “These guys have brains the size of pins. They’re still thinking that anyone with a white face will be gone back home next week so they’re bulletproof. Even too thick to grasp that with today’s social media word spreads like wildfire – across the world even – and far too dim to understand why they’re getting fewer customers. But what do they care? Police can’t touch em and every ferry is full of new white faces.” Another poster with personal experience of this specific shop said “My coin about this shop… first time when he changed the LCD screen, he removed some screws inside my iPhone and not put it back, also said what his screen was original but it was completely cheap fake screen. Second time on a same order new screen was working only 1 day after repair. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOP!”

Among many other angry posts one poster had this comment and useful suggestion “That asswipe ripped me too. Stole my dead phone and and computer. He sucks. Boycott the dweeb and share. Go to WinMac Samui… He is a great tech is very honest and speaks great English.”

If you have had a good or bad experience at this shop why not tell us your story by emailing

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