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Confusion reigns as Thailand ATM users set to pay more

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Confusion reigns as Thailand ATM users set to pay more | Samui Times
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Confusion about new charges has been rife among the Thai public and on social media after it was announced recently that all ATM cards would be changed to include chips as well as metal strips.

atm confusionThe moves were announced as a safety improvement to stop the criminal practice of skimming with banks saying that cards with both chips and strips could not be read by gangs stealing money reported tnamcot.

But the public have been asking about possible charges for changing their cards and a suggested increase in yearly charges with the new system.

The Thai Bank Association said that charges will be as per each bank. Some are charging 100 baht to change their cards (though damaged and out of date cards would still cost more to change).

Some banks, it was reported, are not charging at all, but are offering different rates from previously for using the new cards.

It is understood that banks will no longer issue cards that can just be used at ATMs. Cards from now on will all be debit cards that can be used in shops and for online purchases as this fits in with the Thai government’s “National E-Payment” policy guidelines.

Banks have said there is no need to be confused. Regular metal strip cards can still be used until the end of 2019 with no need to change them until then.

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