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Continual artificial rain making produces rains in 70 provinces

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Continual artificial rain making produces rains in 70 provinces | Samui Times
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Airborne artificial rain making conducted in various drought stricken areas have brought rainfalls in 70 provinces nationwide, according to deputy government spokesman Major General Sansern Kaewkamnerd.

artifcial rain in ThailandHe said a total of 2,933 artificial rain making missions have been carried out for a total of 111 days since March 1 until June 23, 2015.

As a consequence, the missions have brought about an average precipitation of about 92 percent since the start of the operation.

The missions have caused rainfalls in 70 provinces across the nation through the use of 2,500 tonnes of royally initiated rain forming substances.

Meanwhile, the director-general of the Department of Groundwater Resources (DGR) Mr Praneet Roibang said the government has tasked DGR to drill 231 more groundwater or artesian wells.

The cabinet believed that 500 groundwater wells would create around 200,000 cubic metres of water for consumption per day, while the other 380 observation wells would be used as reserves for consumption and farming.

Around 130,000 rais (52,000 acres) of farmland would benefit from the project, with no less than 400,000 cubic metres created daily for consumption.

But he said at the same time, the water usage would be carefully monitored to prevent future land subsidence.

He also said groundwater sources in the Chao Phraya river basin are one of the best water resources in the world.

He said drilling of the 500 wells would be completed by the end of July, enabling farmers to use the extra water sources, while awaiting for the coming of rains in August.

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