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Continuous rains add more hardship to people in flood-stricken areas

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Continuous rains add more hardship to people in flood-stricken areas | Samui Times
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Continuous rains in several southern provinces last night and this morning have deteriorated the flooding situation now in the South and caused more trouble to flood victims.
Songkhla province was lashed with heavy rainfalls last night, submerging roads in the municipal areas.

more_rain_due_southern_thailandLocal authorities have to install more water pumps to drain flood water into the sea to prevent residential band business areas from inundation.

In nearby Phatthalung province, run-off from the wildlife sanctuary on the Bantad mountain range following overnight downpour flowed into canals, causing inundation in seven river basins in the province.

Landslide also hit several rubber plantations and orchards in Kong-ra district, posing a threat to 100 houses in Baan Nai Wang village.

The disaster prevention and mitigation office issued a flashflood and mudslides warning to residents in the province’s 11 districts.

Meanwhile in Narathiwat, continuous rains and high tide triggered inundation on most roads in the municipal area.

A section of the Asian Highway between Pattani and Narathiwat has been cut off by strong flash flood current.

In Rangae district, houses and the Baan Samoh School are under 50 centimtres of water. The main road, linking two districts – Chanae and Sukhirin has been flooded as high as one metre. Officials are on alert around the clock to be ready for evacuation in case of emergency.

In neighbouring Pattani, continuous rains increased the water level in Pattani and Saiburi rivers.

Communities along the rivers were warned to closely monitor situation. Authorities keep vigilant for an evacuation in case of an emergency.

Also in Yala, heavy downpour triggered flood in low-lying areas in the provincial seat. A part of the road, connecting two provinces –Yala and Pattani was eroded by floodwater and are impassable.

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