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Corrupt cops snatch Italian men in Nana Plaza

Samui Times Editor



Corrupt cops snatch Italian men in Nana Plaza | Samui Times
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Two Italian tourists were wandering around the Nana area in Bangkok on Monday when they were allegedly captured and held for ransom by two corrupt police officers. They said they were using the ATM when an Uzbeki man and four officers stepped up to arrest them for using fake ATM cards, a crime they were not committing. They were then taken to the fifth floor of an empty building and held hostage there. After hours of negotiation they were taken to the Sawasdee Hotel on Sukumvit 57 where a 2 million baht in cash was demanded for their release. The Italians negotiated this amount down to one million and told their captors that they would call their relatives in Italy and get them to transfer the money. What their captors did not realize is that the men were not calling families in Italy but calling for help. Shortly afterwards the Italian police contacted the Lumpini police department who immediately called the hotel where the men were being held. The gang seemed to realize that something was going on and fled, but were captured on CCTV. One of the officers has since given himself up but the others are still on the run.

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